Complaints handling procedure

Below you can find a detailed outline of our Complaints Handling Procedure, which should be followed in the event that you wish to file a complaint with the company at any time.


1.1 The Complaint Handling Procedure (the ‘Procedure’) sets out the process adopted by PlusFX Financial Services Ltd. (referred to as ‘PlusFX’ or the ‘Firm’) for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints, disputes, or grievances received from Clients (referred to as the ‘Client’, the ‘Complainant’, ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yourself’).

1.2 For any capitalised term, which has not been defined in the Policy, please refer to Schedule A (‘Glossary’) of the ‘Client Agreement’.

2. queries

2.1 If you are dissatisfied with our services, or if you have a query regarding your account or activity with us, you may contact the Customer Support Department via live chat, e-mail or telephone. Our Customer Support Department will determine if your query can be resolved immediately or if it will require further investigation; if your query cannot be resolved immediately, we remain committed in addressing and/or resolving it in a prompt manner (usually within 48 business hours).

2.2 If you are not satisfied with the response to the query or the grievance you received, then you may raise this further with the Compliance Department the ‘Official Complaints’ section.


3.1 An official complaint means a statement of dissatisfaction relating to the provision of investment services, addressed by a Complainant to the Compliance Department, as indicated in the Procedure.

3.2 A complaint must include: (i) the Client’s name and surname, (ii) the Client’s Account number, (iii) the affected transaction number(s), if applicable, (iv) the date and time that the issue arose, and (v) an accurate description of the issue.

3.3 Complaints need to be sent by e-mail to the Compliance Department.

3.4 Complaints communicated to the Compliance Department must be received from the registered e-mail of the Client or the Client’s Appointed Representative as soon as possible after the subject matter of the complaint arose

3.5. Where appropriate, we will update the Complainant on the progress of the handling of the Complaint.

3.6. Upon receipt of the Complaint, we will investigate the complaint and reply to the Complainant within fourteen (14) days of receipt about the outcome/ decision


4.1. If you are not satisfied with our final response to your complaint, then you can contact the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC) by email, info can be found on