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Trading spot energies on CFD with PlusFX starts from a simple registration.

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Trade Spot Energies with PlusFX

Here at PlusFX, we offer our clients trading on spot energies, such as Brent, WTI and Natural Gas, which are considered to be the most important raw material resources on the planet.

Review the assets above and discover the possibility of new trading opportunities in the financial market.

CFDs on energies is a popular choice for short-term trading, especially when there is a surge in energy consumption, as during periods of active growth, demand increases. Prices are determined by global supply and demand for the physical product.

Often referred to as “black gold”, Oil is usually denominated in U.S. Dollars (hence the term ‘Petrodollar’), so a weak dollar will commonly cause Oil prices to rise, as the price of the product is directly influenced by the value of the currency.

Oil-producing nations have a dramatic effect on the supply, and therefore the price, as they may withdraw or boost the physical quantity of barrels available in the market.

For example, since the mid-90s, the US imposed sanctions on Iran have prevented Iranian oil from entering the marketplace, widening the gap between supply and demand which results in higher prices. Another noteworthy event occurred in 2014 when a much lower demand from the EU and China caused a sharp decrease due to the excess supply. For many years, the US government has been building up its oil reserves and should these be released to the market, or used domestically, energy prices may drop sharply as a result.

In the case of NatGas, an alternative energy commodity to oil, historical analysis shows a general correlation between the two, considering that natural gas is often released during the oil drilling process, and they are commonly produced by the same companies or nations.

In conclusion, a multitude of economic factors can affect the price of energies, including inflation rates, political or military tensions in producing nations, natural disasters, production costs and of course, OPEC decisions.

Trading CFDs on energies allows you to speculate on price movement, without having to physically acquire the underlying asset. As prices fluctuate, traders make profit or loss depending on their position and direction in the market. Learn more by visiting our Educational Section, and feel free to practice trading on spot energies on our free demo account before going live.

Select an asset above to see real-time charts of spot energies, and start trading with PlusFX today, for the ability to buy or sell energy CFDs (Contract for Difference) through our award-winning trading platforms.

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